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Three dimensional works by Daniel Arsham

Inodnesian Local - on the road from Jakarta to Cimaja 
Steve Morrison


Ever wondered what you would look like if you were simultaneously an adult and a child? Cristian Girotto was inspired by the idea that since we all began as children, some of that stays with us as we grow older. 

Thinking of how that could translate into a single image, he chose to render the faces with natural childlike curves along with obvious adult facial hair. The result is an odd hybrid that is absolutely fascinating. 

How You Would Look if You Were Simultaneously an Adult and a Child

via Beautiful Decay

Typography series for HonkyTonks exhibition.I will be back with better quality images. :) Thanks for looking. 

Crookwell; A Self-Guided Walking Tour, 2012

Crookwell, 2012

Crookwell, Train Station, 2012

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Crookwell, March, 2012